Flu shots are available for current patients only.

Appointment required; please call the office to schedule, 314-454-6400, option 1.

  • Complete the flu vaccine consent form (PDF) for each child and bring it with you to the appointment.
  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.
  • Please dress your child(ren) in clothes that provide easy access to the thigh in children younger than 2 years and to the arm in children older than 2 years.
  • Please bring an extra parent/adult to assist if there are multiple children receiving flu shots.
  • If a patient younger than 18 years old will be coming to the flu shot clinic by him/herself, a parent/guardian must sign the flu vaccine consent form (PDF) for the patient to bring to the clinic.
  • Our staff may ask you/your child to stay on-site for 15 minutes after the shot, if medically appropriate.